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The Office of the College Registrar

     The functions and mission of the College are brought about to realization by the cooperative work of several people. The Office of the Registrar is just one of these groups of people. The authority and responsibilities reposed by the College and the Commission on Higher Education on that office make it an important partner and contributor to the achievement of the College tasks. 


     The Office of the College Registrar is the repository of all student records. It serves as the frontline service provider as far as curricular and academic matters are concerned. Thus, the Office of the College Registrar is responsible in the dissemination of curricular and academic information, handles students’ admission, registration, evaluation, accreditation, graduation, management of students’ records and provides other related services.

Office of the Registrar

Ground Floor, Admissions Building
Bulacan Agricultural State College (BASC)
Pinaod, San Ildefonso, Bulacan
Philippines 1030
044-697-1727 & 044-697-1727 /

The College Registrar

A. The Position The Registrar is inherently a part of the administration and a member of the policy-making body of the institution. His office is the repository of highly important and delicate documents. His decision carries weight in all cases involving credentials, admission, evaluation of subject credits, student accounting, academic placement and eligibility for graduation. His rank is not lower than a dean of an academic department. He represents the College in matters related to his duties and responsibilities. He is classified as “academic non-teaching personnel” or a person “holding some academic qualification and performing academic functions directly supportive of teaching”. (Letter c, page 3, Sc. 6, Chapter I, The Educational Community Education Act of 1982). 


B. Qualifications and Trainings A Registrar should at least have three (3) years experience in student accounting, records and personnel management or similar related works. He should at least be a holder of a baccalaureate or masteral degree preferably in education, management or law. For schools offering graduate programs, it is preferable that the Registrar possesses a masteral or doctoral degree. The position aside from the experience and educational attainment also requires good public relations.